Belvidere, 10km from Knysna, is so immaculate it’s positively creepy. But it’s worth a quick look for the beautiful Norman-style Belvidere church that was built in the 1850s by homesick English expats. Further on is the Featherbed Nature Reserve and, on the seaward side, Brenton-on-Sea.

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Nearby Knysna attractions

1. Belvidere Church

0.25 MILES

A Norman-style church built in the 1850s by homesick English expats.

2. Knysna Lagoon

2.77 MILES

The Knysna Lagoon opens between two sandstone cliffs known as the Heads – once proclaimed by the British Royal Navy to be the most dangerous harbour…

3. Millwood House

3.05 MILES

Millwood House is a mini complex of museums detailing Knysna’s history. It’s a quaint set of buildings dating back to the town’s booming timber era. This…

4. Old Gaol Museum

3.05 MILES

Since this region has plenty of wet weather, a rainy-day option is welcome. The main museum is a pleasant complex in a mid-19th century building that was…

5. Mitchell’s Brewery

3.08 MILES

South Africa’s oldest microbrewery occupies bright, new premises on the edge of the lagoon. You can join a tour or just taste its range of English-style…

6. Featherbed Nature Reserve

3.32 MILES

The Featherbed Nature Reserve was completely devastated by wildfires in 2017. Tourism authorities were working to get the reserve up and running again…

7. Goukamma Nature Reserve

3.48 MILES

This reserve is accessible from the Buffalo Bay road, and protects 14km of rocky coastline, sandstone cliffs, dunes covered with coastal fynbos (fine bush…

8. Noetzie

7.78 MILES

Reached by a turn-off along the N2 10km east of Knysna, Noetzie is a quirky little place with holiday homes in mock-castle style. There’s a lovely surf…