Kalk Bay Harbour

Simon's Town & Southern Peninsula

This picturesque harbour is best visited in the morning, when the community’s fishing boats pitch up with their daily catch and a lively quayside market ensues. This is an excellent place to buy fresh fish for a braai (barbecue), or to spot whales during the whale-watching season.

Nearby, next to Kalk Bay Station and the Brass Bell pub, are a couple of tidal swimming pools.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Simon's Town & Southern Peninsula attractions

1. Save Our Seas Shark Education Centre


This educational centre encourages awareness, protection, conservation and the sustainable fishing of sharks worldwide. The state-of-the-art exhibits,…

2. St James Beach


This small beach, next to St James train station, has colourful bathing chalets and a tidal pool for safe swimming. It's popular with families.

3. Rhodes Cottage Museum

1.38 MILES

Staffed by volunteer guides from the Muizenberg Historical Conservation Society, this thatched cottage houses a museum dedicated to Cecil Rhodes. The much…

4. Bailey's Cottage

1.46 MILES

This beach cottage between the sea and the railway line dates from 1909 and was built for mining magnate and legislator Abe Bailey, whose grave is on the…

5. Casa Labia Cultural Centre

1.59 MILES

This magnificent seaside villa built in 1930 was once the palatial home of Italian ambassador Count Natale Labia and his South African wife. It now hosts…

6. Posthuys

1.65 MILES

This one-time lookout post for ships entering False Bay dates from the 1670s, making it one of Cape Town’s oldest European-style buildings.

7. Muizenberg Synagogue

1.86 MILES

This red-and-white painted synagogue dates from the 1920s and ‘30s, when Muizenberg had a large Jewish population. It still opens for services on Friday…

8. Muizenberg Beach

1.89 MILES

Popular with families, this surf beach is famous for its row of colourfully painted Victorian bathing chalets. Surfboards can be hired and lessons booked…