Secunde's House

Cape Town

Inside the Castle of Good Hope, the Secunde's House was built in 1695 and housed the second in command at the Cape.

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1. Castle Military Museum

0.03 MILES

This interesting museum occupies the castle’s original bayside entrance. Inside you can see examples and vivid paintings of different military uniforms…

2. William Fehr Collection

0.03 MILES

Housed within the former Governor's Quarters at the Castle of Good Hope is the bulk of the William Fehr Collection, including some fabulous bits of Cape…

3. Castle of Good Hope

0.06 MILES

Built by the Dutch between 1666 and 1679 to defend Cape Town, this stone-walled pentagonal castle remains the headquarters for the Western Cape military…

4. Castle Entrance Gate

0.11 MILES

The main entrance to the Castle of Good Hope, crowned by a bell tower, replaced the original sea-facing entrance to the fortress.

5. Grand Parade

0.18 MILES

A prime location for Cape Town’s history, the Grand Parade is where the Dutch built their first fort in 1652; where slaves were sold and punished; and…

6. Freedom Struggle Heroes

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Portraits of Nelson Mandela, Steve Biko, Cissie Gool and Imam Haron are painted on the side of a building as if their faces were carved into the side of…

7. Central Library


The Drill Hall, dating from 1889 and where Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her 21st birthday, has been sensitively restored and turned into the city’s…

8. Homecoming Centre

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This centre houses an annexe of the District Six Museum which is usually open for temporary exhibitions and events. Currently there's a wonderful…