Namaqua House

Cape Town

On the corner of Shortmarket St, Namaqua House is of the City Bowl's many art deco gems. Baran’s cafe here has a wraparound balcony providing a great view over Greenmarket Sq.

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1. Kimberley House

0.01 MILES

This art deco building facing Greenmarket Sq is constructed from sandstone and decorated with an attractive diamond-theme design.

2. Greenmarket Square

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This cobbled square is Cape Town’s second-oldest public space after the Grand Parade. It hosts a lively and colourful crafts and souvenir market daily…

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5. New Zealand House

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This grand example of art deco architecture was designed by WH Grant in a style known as Cape Mediterranean.

6. Protea Assurance Building

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This dazzling white art deco building fronting onto Greenmarket Sq was built in 1928 and renovated in 1990.

8. SA Mission Museum

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The South African Missionary Society was founded by Reverend Vos in 1799 with the aim of converting slaves to Christianity. This church, dating from 1804,…