Must-see attractions in Somaliland

  • Las Geel


    Las Geel is undisputably Somaliland's pièce de résistance. Hundreds of magnificent neolithic rock art paintings in perfect condition adorn the walls of…

  • Central Market


    Hargeisa’s centrepiece, the expansive central market is a wonderful (and largely hassle-free) place to experience a typical Somali market. Its lanes hide…

  • Livestock Market


    An essential part of the Hargeisa experience is the livestock market, which lies on the southeastern outskirts of town. Hundreds of goats, sheep and…

  • Jama Mosque


    East of the market area, the modern Jama Mosque hosts Hargeisa’s main Friday prayers around noon, attracting hundreds of worshippers – it is an amazing…

  • MiG Jet


    You can’t miss this weird memorial on the main drag – it displays a Somali Air Force MiG jet fighter which crashed during an aerial bombardment of the…

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