Top choice in Guadalcanal

About 12km west from Honiara, Bonegi is music to the ears of divers, snorkellers and sunbathers. Two large Japanese freighters sank just offshore on the night of 13 November 1942, and make for a magnificent playground for scuba divers, who call them Bonegi I and Bonegi II. As the upper works of Bonegi II break the surface, it can also be snorkelled. There’s also a black-sand beach that is suitable for a picnic.

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Nearby Guadalcanal attractions

1. Sherman Tank

0.46 MILES

Just across the road from Bonegi beach, there’s a bush track that heads inland and runs about 400m to a rusty US Sherman tank called Jezebel which was…

2. Turtle Beach

2.64 MILES

Turtle Beach is an appealing strip of white coral sand fringed with coconut trees.

3. Lela Beach

4.01 MILES

Popular with locals and expats at weekends, this beach has black sand and is OK for swimming and bathing.

4. Vilu War Museum

6.54 MILES

About 25km from Honiara, a turn to the south from the coastal road brings you to this great open-air museum. Here there are US, Japanese, Australian,…

5. Botanical Gardens

7.25 MILES

These lovely grounds on the hills located above the city provide a green haven for nature lovers.

6. National Museum

7.79 MILES

This modest museum – there is only one room – features interesting displays and old photographs on traditional dance, body ornamentation, currency,…

7. National Parliament

7.99 MILES

The conical-shaped concrete building that’s perched on the hill above Hibiscus Ave is the National Parliament. Inside, the dome boasts a rich tapestry of…

8. Central Market

8.37 MILES

While Honiara won't be mistaken for Lagos, the country’s bubbling principal food market covers a whole block between Mendana Ave and the seafront. It has…