WWII Museum

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A few metres before reaching the shore of Tetere Beach, a dirt track to the west leads to 30 or more abandoned amtracks (amphibious troop carriers). Many of these rusty relics are shielded by prickly thorns, which adds to the poignancy of the site.

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1. Henderson Airport Memorial Gardens

10.45 MILES

A small memorial outside the airport entrance honours US forces and their Pacific islander allies. In front is a Japanese anti-aircraft gun. About 100m to…

2. Bloody Ridge

10.82 MILES

From Henderson airport, a track leads south to this area that's also called Edson's Ridge, after Edson's Raiders. Commanded by Colonel Merritt Edson, they…

3. Betikama SDA Mission

11.86 MILES

In Betikama village, this sprawling property comprises a small WWII museum with an outdoor collection of salvaged material (mostly US aircraft) as well as…

4. Tenaru Waterfalls

14.01 MILES

At 63m, these waterfalls are spectacular. They are a fairly easy four-hour walk (return) from a tiny settlement about 2km south of Tenaru Village. It's…

5. Mount Austen

14.86 MILES

The clearing at the summit of Mt Austen (410m) offers a marvellous view northeas over Henderson. Americans in WWII dubbed this spot Grassy Knoll. There’s…

6. Solomon Peace Memorial Park

14.96 MILES

The road to Mt Austen begins in Kukum and climbs up to the historical sites where Japanese troops doggedly resisted the US advance. About 3.5km from the…

7. Holy Cross Catholic Cathedral

16.38 MILES

Honiara's most prominent religious building is this cathedral perched on a hill to the east of the centre. Visitors are welcome to attend, but make sure…

8. Central Market

16.47 MILES

While Honiara won't be mistaken for Lagos, the country’s bubbling principal food market covers a whole block between Mendana Ave and the seafront. It has…