Fish for sale at central market.

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Central Market

Top choice in Honiara

While Honiara won't be mistaken for Lagos, the country’s bubbling principal food market covers a whole block between Mendana Ave and the seafront. It has a huge selection of fresh produce, especially fruits and vegetables, that come from outlying villages along the northern coast and from Savo Island. Also on sale are traditional crafts. The fish market is at the back. There's no hassling to buy anything, but beware of pickpockets.


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1. Holy Cross Catholic Cathedral

0.16 MILES

Honiara's most prominent religious building is this cathedral perched on a hill to the east of the centre. Visitors are welcome to attend, but make sure…

2. National Parliament

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The conical-shaped concrete building that’s perched on the hill above Hibiscus Ave is the National Parliament. Inside, the dome boasts a rich tapestry of…

3. National Museum


This modest museum – there is only one room – features interesting displays and old photographs on traditional dance, body ornamentation, currency,…

4. US War Memorial

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This superb memorial is a five-minute taxi ride from the centre. The well-maintained compound has marble slabs bearing detailed descriptions of battles…

5. Botanical Gardens

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These lovely grounds on the hills located above the city provide a green haven for nature lovers.

6. Solomon Peace Memorial Park

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The road to Mt Austen begins in Kukum and climbs up to the historical sites where Japanese troops doggedly resisted the US advance. About 3.5km from the…

7. Mataniko Falls

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One of the star attractions in Honiara’s hinterlands is Mataniko Falls, which feature a spectacular thundering of water down a cliff straight into a…

8. Mount Austen

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The clearing at the summit of Mt Austen (410m) offers a marvellous view northeas over Henderson. Americans in WWII dubbed this spot Grassy Knoll. There’s…