Town Hall


This odd neo-Gothic town hall, on Mestni Trg, dates to 1907.

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Nearby Ptuj attractions

1. St Florian Monument

0.04 MILES

This monument to St Florian (1745) stands in the northwest corner of Mestni Trg.

2. Church of Sts Peter and Paul

0.09 MILES

On the northern side of the Minorite monastery's inner courtyard, the Church of Sts Peter and Paul is one of the most beautiful examples of early Gothic…

3. Church of St George

0.09 MILES

On the east side of Slovenski trg, this church reveals an array of styles from Romanesque to neo-Gothic. The church contains some lovely late-14th-century…

4. City Tower

0.09 MILES

In the middle of Slovenski trg, this tower was erected in the 16th century. Roman tombstones and sacrificial altars from Poetovio were incorporated into…

5. Provost’s House

0.09 MILES

On the northern side of Slovenski trg are several interesting buildings, including the 16th-century Provost’s House.

6. Orpheus Monument

0.09 MILES

The 5m-tall Orpheus Monument stands in the middle of Slovenski trg. This Roman tombstone from the 2nd century, with scenes from the Orpheus myth, was used…

7. Slovenski Trg


Funnel-shaped Slovenski trg is the centre of old Ptuj. The 16th-century City Tower dominates the square's eastern side. Roman tombstones and sacrificial…

8. Minorite Monastery


This massive Minorite monastery, with its 17th-century plague pillar, was established in the 13th century. Because the Franciscan Minorites dedicated…