Parliament Building


The parliament building at the northeast corner of Trg Republike, built between 1954 and 1959 by Vinko Glanz, is no beauty-pageant winner on the outside, but the mammoth portal festooned with bronze sculptures is noteworthy. If you time it right, it’s worth booking a guided tour via the website to see the inside, especially the period-piece mural by Slavko Pengov.

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1. Slovenian Museum of Natural History

0.09 MILES

This museum shares the same building as the National Museum of Slovenia, and contains reassembled mammoth and whale skeletons, stuffed birds, reptiles and…

2. National Museum of Slovenia

0.09 MILES

Housed in a grand building from 1888 – the same building as the Slovenian Museum of Natural History – highlights include the highly embossed Vače situla –…

3. Slovenian School Museum


This rather esoteric museum explores how Slovenian kids learned the three Rs in past centuries. The mock-ups of the old classrooms are excellent and there…

4. Ursuline Church of the Holy Trinity

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This church, which faces Kongresni trg from across Slovenska cesta and dates from 1726, is the most beautiful baroque building in the city. It contains a…

5. Citizen of Emona

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The small gilded statue on top of a column at the western end of Kongresni trg is a copy (the original is in the National Museum) of the Roman-era Citizen…

6. Trg Republike

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Center’s main plaza is dominated by a pair of glowering, grey tower blocks – TR3, housing offices and embassies, and the headquarters of Nova Ljubljanska…

7. Zvezda Park

0.15 MILES

Leafy Zvezda (Star) Park lies in the centre of Kongresni trg.

8. Kongresni Trg

0.15 MILES

This lovely square, with leafy Zvezda Park (Star Park) at its centre and an underground car park beneath, was named in honour of the Congress of the Holy…