Kongresni Trg


This lovely square, with leafy Zvezda Park (Star Park) at its centre and an underground car park beneath, was named in honour of the Congress of the Holy Alliance, convened by Austria, Prussia, Russia and Naples in 1821 and hosted by Ljubljana. Today, the square is a popular venue for open-air concerts and national celebrations. To the south at No 12 is the central building of Ljubljana University, erected as a ducal palace in 1902.

The Roman-era Citizen of Emona is at the western end of the square. Just south is an excavated section of the city's northern gate.

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1. Zvezda Park

0.01 MILES

Leafy Zvezda (Star) Park lies in the centre of Kongresni trg.

2. Citizen of Emona

0.04 MILES

The small gilded statue on top of a column at the western end of Kongresni trg is a copy (the original is in the National Museum) of the Roman-era Citizen…

3. Slovenian School Museum

0.06 MILES

This rather esoteric museum explores how Slovenian kids learned the three Rs in past centuries. The mock-ups of the old classrooms are excellent and there…

4. Ursuline Church of the Holy Trinity

0.07 MILES

This church, which faces Kongresni trg from across Slovenska cesta and dates from 1726, is the most beautiful baroque building in the city. It contains a…

6. Hauptmann House

0.13 MILES

The Hauptmann House stands diagonally across the square from the Franciscan Church of the Annunciation and is a secessionist gem from the early 20th…

7. Mestni Trg

0.14 MILES

The first of the Old Town’s three squares is dominated by the town hall. In front of it stands the bright-white Robba Fountain (1751).

8. Triple Bridge

0.14 MILES

Running south from Prešernov trg to the Old Town is the much celebrated Triple Bridge, originally called Špital (Hospital) Bridge. When it was built as a…