Manzioli House


The Venetian Gothic Manzioli House was built in 1470 and was the residence of an Istrian chronicler in the 16th century. Today it houses the bureau looking after the interests of the communità italiana (Italian community) in Izola – and a wine bar.

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Nearby Izola attractions

1. Church of St Mary of Haliaetum

0.02 MILES

This central church dates from around the latter 11th century and has been lovingly restored. It has no set opening times, but is generally left open…

2. Municipal Palace

0.03 MILES

On Veliki trg is the Municipal Palace, which now houses offices of the local council. It was built in Gothic style in 1325; but the present baroque facade…

3. Besenghi degli Ughi Palace

0.07 MILES

Izola’s most beautiful building – albeit looking a little worse for wear – is this late-baroque palazzo below the Parish Church of St Maurus. Built…

4. Parish Church of St Maurus

0.11 MILES

This renovated, salmon-coloured, 16th-century church and its detached bell tower are on the hill above the town. The views are the main reason to climb up…

5. Simon's Bay

0.79 MILES

The best beach close to Izola is at Simon’s Bay, about 1.5km to the southwest. It has a grassy area for sunbathing.

6. Strunjan Landscape Park

2.52 MILES

For centuries the people who lived at Strunjan, a peninsula halfway between Izola and Piran, were engaged in salt-making. Today the old salt-pan area is…

7. Taverna

3.33 MILES

The western edge of Carpacciov trg is marked by the large arched Taverna, a one-time salt warehouse dating from the 15th century.

8. Carpacciov Trg

3.34 MILES

One of the most colourful streets in Koper, Kidričeva ulica, starts at Carpacciov trg, where the Column of St Justina commemorates Koper’s contribution –…