Spiš Museum

Eastern Slovakia

Levoča's main branch of the Spiš Museum explores regional history and art, including a few works by renowned medieval sculptor Master Paul. Entrance is on the hour.

The Spiš Museum has a few branches in Levoča, including Dom Majstra Pavla, dedicated to the life of Master Paul, and the Historic Town Hall, the main square's 15th-century showpiece.

One ticket accesses all three sights.

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1. Historic Town Hall

0.04 MILES

The showpiece of Levoča's main square is the 15th-century town hall, which received a flamboyant 19th-century makeover.

2. Majstra Pavla Nám

0.06 MILES

Gothic and Renaissance eye-candy abound on Levoča's main square, including the Historic Town Hall and private Thurzov House, at No 7, with a…

3. Church of St Jacob

0.07 MILES

The spindles-and-spires Church of St Jacob, built in the 14th and 15th centuries, elevates the spirits with its soaring arches and precious art. The main…

4. Dom Majstra Pavla

0.09 MILES

Levoča's most hallowed son is 'Master Paul', the 16th-century woodcarver whose masterpieces of religious art can be found around Slovakia and Poland. This…

5. Church of Mariánska Hora

1.31 MILES

Glowing beatifically from a hill 2km north of Levoča, the Church of Mariánska Hora is Slovakia's most famous Catholic pilgrimage site. It's thought that a…

6. Spiš Chapter

7.24 MILES

Spiš Chapter, better known as 'Slovakia's Vatican', has been a seat of the Roman Catholic church since the 12th century and was an independent…

7. Spiš Castle

8.41 MILES

Crowning a travertine hill above Spišské Podhradie village, this vast, Unesco-listed fortification is one of Central Europe's biggest castle complexes…

8. Wooden Church

10.39 MILES

This Protestant wooden church was built in 1717 without a single nail. Its impressive baroque interior is carved from yew and spruce, even the huge church…