Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve

West & Southwest Singapore

Sungei Buloh's 202 hectares of mangroves, mudflats, ponds and secondary rainforest are a birdwatcher's paradise, with migratory birds including egrets, sandpipers and plovers joining locals such as herons, bitterns, coucals and kingfishers. The reserve is also a good spot to see monitor lizards, mudskippers, crabs and – if you're very lucky – an estuarine crocodile. Free guided tours run every Saturday at 9.30am; registration required via the website.

The reserve is one of the few remaining mangrove areas in Singapore, and its lush, tranquil walking trails – which include a Migratory Bird Trail (1.9km) and a Coastal Trail (1.3km) – are dotted with bird-viewing huts and lookouts. Also on-site is a visitor centre complete with mangrove exhibition gallery (open 8.30am to 5.30pm), shedding light on the reserve's wildlife and botany. To get here, catch bus 925 from Kranji MRT station and alight at Kranji Reservoir Car Park B, directly opposite the reserve's entrance on Kranji Way. On Sunday, bus 925C also stops at the reserve's other entrance on Neo Tiew Cres. Alternatively the Kranji Countryside Express runs daily from Kranji MRT.

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