Fort Siloso

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Dating from the 1880s, when Sentosa was called Pulau Blakang Mati (Malay for 'the island behind which lies death'), this British coastal fort was famously useless during the Japanese invasion of 1942. Documentaries, artefacts, animatronics and recreated historical scenes take visitors through the fort's history, and the underground tunnels are fun to explore. The Surrender Chambers bring to life two pivotal moments in Singapore's history: the surrender of the British to the Japanese in 1942, and then the reverse in 1945.

Designed to repel a maritime assault from the south, Siloso's heavy guns had to be turned around when the Japanese invaded from the Malaya mainland in WWII. The British surrender soon followed, with the fort later used as a POW camp by the Japanese.

Connected to Fort Siloso is the free Fort Siloso Skywalk, an 11-storey-high walking trail above the canopy treetops.

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