Museum of Vojvodina

Novi Sad

This worthwhile museum houses historical, archaeological and ethnological exhibits. The main building covers Vojvodinian history from Palaeolithic times to the late 19th century. Nearby, at building 37, which also houses the Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina, the story continues to 1945 with harrowing emphasis on WWI and WWII. The highlights include three gold-plated Roman helmets from the 4th century, excavated in the Srem region not far from Novi Sad, and one of the city's first bicycles, dating from 1880.

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1. Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina

0.07 MILES

Near to the Museum of Vojvodina's main building is this annexe. It is home to the city's premier collection of Serbian (particularly Vojvodinian) and…

3. St George Church

0.21 MILES

This baroque-style Orthodox church adjacent to the Bishop's Palace dates from 1734; pop inside to check out its stained-glass interior and the iconostasis…

4. Church of the Name of Mary

0.31 MILES

Called simply ‘the Cathedral’ by the locals, the 1895 Church of the Name of Mary on Trg Slobode is the largest Roman Catholic church in Novi Sad. Built in…

5. Pavle Beljanski Memorial Collection

0.38 MILES

This collection of works by the most important Serbian artists from the first half of the 20th century is housed in a building that's also been declared a…

6. Gallery of Matica Srpska


First established in Pest (part of modern Budapest) in 1826 and moved to Novi Sad in 1864, this is one of Serbia's most important and long-standing…

7. Gift Collection of Rajko Mamuzić

0.42 MILES

Located next to Trg Galerija, this collection is often overshadowed by the famous Gallery of Matica Srpska and the Pavle Beljanski Memorial Collection…

8. Petrovaradin Fortress

0.57 MILES

Towering over the river on a 40m-high volcanic slab, this mighty citadel, considered Europe's second-biggest fortress (and one of its best preserved), is…