Devil’s Town

Natural Feature in Eastern & Southern Serbia

Image by Djordje Rusic Getty Images

Devil’s Town, in Serbia's deep south, is a trippy cluster of 202 natural stone pyramids looming eerily over bright red, highly acidic mineral streams. According to local whispers, the towers – which teeter between 2m and 15m in height and are topped with creepy volcanic ‘heads’ – were formed after guests at an incestuous wedding were petrified by an offended god.

Djavolja Varoš is easily reached by car; otherwise catch a bus to Kuršumlija, and grab a taxi from there. Camping at the park isn't allowed, but there are plenty of villagers willing to take in strays. You could camp nearby, but snakes and wolves abound. It isn't called Devil's Town for nothing!

There's an on-site restaurant.