Calgary Beach


Mull’s best (and busiest) silver-sand beach, flanked by cliffs and with views out to Coll and Tiree, is about 12 miles west of Tobermory. And yes – this is the place from which Canada's more famous Calgary takes its name.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Mull attractions

1. Calgary Art in Nature

0.46 MILES

Run with enthusiasm and vision, this place just back from Calgary beach is an excellent art space, and also has great self-catering accommodation. On-site…

2. Old Byre Heritage Centre

3.82 MILES

The curious and cheerful Old Byre brings Mull’s heritage and natural history to life through a series of tableaux and half-hour film shows. The prize for…

3. Glengorm Castle

5.72 MILES

A long, single-track road leads north for 4 miles from Tobermory to majestic Glengorm Castle, with views across the sea to Ardnamurchan, Rum and the Outer…

4. Sheila's Cottage

8.31 MILES

Sheila's Cottage, a short walk north of the Ulva ferry landing, is a reconstruction of a traditional thatched crofter's cottage, with displays about the…

5. Tobermory Distillery

8.58 MILES

This bijou distillery was established in 1798. It doesn't always open on winter weekends; phone ahead to check or book. There are two whisky lines here:…

6. Mull Aquarium

8.64 MILES

By the harbour car park, this aquarium has good information on the local marine environment, and little touch pools with crabs, starfish and the like for…

7. An Tobar Arts Centre

8.65 MILES

An art gallery and exhibition space in a former primary school with top water views and a good vegetarian-friendly cafe (open 11am to 4pm Tuesday to…

8. Hebridean Whale & Dolphin Trust

8.71 MILES

This place has displays, videos and interactive exhibits on whale and dolphin biology and ecology, and is a great place for kids to learn about sea…