Aros Centre

Portree (Port Righ)

On the southern edge of Portree, the Aros Centre is a combined visitor centre, book and gift shop, restaurant, theatre and cinema. The St Kilda Exhibition details the history and culture of these remote rocky outcrops, and Xbox technology allows you to take a virtual tour of the islands.

The centre is a useful rainy-day retreat, with an indoor soft play area for children.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Portree (Port Righ) attractions

1. Raasay Distillery

5.89 MILES

Raasay's first ever (legal!) distillery opened in 2017, and comes with a twist – you can stay the night here, in one of the six designer bedrooms in the…

2. Old Man of Storr

7.34 MILES

The 50m-high, pot-bellied pinnacle of crumbling basalt known as the Old Man of Storr is prominent above the road 6 miles north of Portree. Walk up to its…

3. Talisker Distillery

8.97 MILES

Skye's oldest distillery (established 1830) produces smooth, sweet and smoky Talisker single malt whisky. The guided tour includes a free dram.

4. Fairy Glen

13.47 MILES

Just south of Uig, a minor road (signposted ‘Sheader and Balnaknock’) leads a mile or so to the Fairy Glen, a strange and enchanting natural landscape of…

5. Staffin Dinosaur Museum

14.59 MILES

In an old stone barn by the roadside, this museum houses an interesting collection of dinosaur footprints, ammonites and other fossils discovered in the…

6. Applecross Heritage Centre

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By a church, this interesting museum has resources for discovering your Applecross roots as well as displays on spinning wool – you may see a craftsperson…

7. Dunvegan Castle

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Skye’s most famous historic building, and one of its most popular tourist attractions, Dunvegan Castle is the seat of the chief of Clan MacLeod. In…

8. Quiraing

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Staffin Bay is dominated by the dramatic basalt escarpment of the Quiraing: its impressive land-slipped cliffs and pinnacles constitute one of Skye’s most…