Tangwick Haa Museum


A mile east of Eshaness, a side road leads south to the Tangwick Haa Museum, housed in a restored 17th-century house. The wonderful collection of old B&W photos captures the sense of community in this area.

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1. Old Haa Museum

17.92 MILES

This museum has a medley of curious objects (pipes, piano, a doll in cradle, tiny bibles, ships in bottles and a sperm-whale jaw), as well as an archive…

2. Windhouse

18.21 MILES

Northwest of the small settlement of Mid Yell, on the hillside above the main road, stand the reputedly haunted ruins of Windhouse, dating from 1707. It's…

3. Bonhoga Gallery

18.34 MILES

It’s worth dropping into the Bonhoga Gallery in the restored Weisdale Mill. It has monthly, changing exhibitions, and everything – jewellery, crafts and…

4. Da Gairdins i Sand

19.91 MILES

Four miles north of Skeld, a side road leads to Sand, where you'll find Da Gairdins i Sand, a brave attempt to create a colourful woodland garden amid the…

5. Whalsay Heritage Centre

21.57 MILES

Set in outbuildings of the local laird's house, now a school, this centre has an exhibition on the island's history, covering its fishing industry and…

6. Shetland Gallery

22.05 MILES

Not far from the ferry to Unst and Fetlar, this gallery has rotating exhibitions of Shetland artists and craftspeople.

7. Law Ting Holm

24.26 MILES

Just south of Veensgarth village, near a parking area at the northern end of the Loch of Tingwall, is the little tongue of land that was the site of Law…

8. Fetlar Interpretive Centre

25.79 MILES

The excellent Fetlar Interpretive Centre has photos, audio recordings and videos on the island and its history. You'll find it 4.5 miles from the ferry,…