Northwest of the small settlement of Mid Yell, on the hillside above the main road, stand the reputedly haunted ruins of Windhouse, dating from 1707. It's been uninhabited since the 1920s, although there are plans to refurbish it. Look out for the Lady in Silk, the most famous of the ruins' several ghostly presences.

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Nearby Shetland attractions

1. Shetland Gallery

4.36 MILES

Not far from the ferry to Unst and Fetlar, this gallery has rotating exhibitions of Shetland artists and craftspeople.

2. Old Haa Museum

7.96 MILES

This museum has a medley of curious objects (pipes, piano, a doll in cradle, tiny bibles, ships in bottles and a sperm-whale jaw), as well as an archive…

3. Fetlar Interpretive Centre

8.61 MILES

The excellent Fetlar Interpretive Centre has photos, audio recordings and videos on the island and its history. You'll find it 4.5 miles from the ferry,…

4. Muness Castle

10.47 MILES

This picturesque, sturdy 16th-century tower house in Unst's southeastern corner was built by Laurence Bruce, foud (bailiff) of Shetland, who was, by all…

5. Unst Bus Shelter

14.38 MILES

At the turn-off to Littlehamar, just past Baltasound, is Britain's most impressive bus stop. Enterprising locals, tired of waiting in discomfort, decided…

6. Skidbladner Longship

15.44 MILES

Unst has the highest concentration of Viking longhouse sites in the country. The Viking Unst project manages three excavation sites, and has as its…

7. Unst Boat Haven

15.73 MILES

This large shed is a boatie’s delight, packed with a beautifully cared for collection of Shetland rowing and sailing boats, all with a backstory. Old…

8. Unst Heritage Centre

15.77 MILES

This heritage centre houses a modern museum with a history of the Shetland pony and a recreation of a croft house.