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The country's past hinges on its vast network of plantations and its role as the centre of global cocoa production. Since independence from Portugal in 1975, STP has suffered an economic collapse, leading to squatters inhabiting once great mansions in the countryside, and the slow decay of historic colonial buildings on broken streets.

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São Tomé South Day Tour - Boca do Inferno - Roça São João dos Angolares - Pico Cão-Grande

São Tomé, once a vibrant, bustling, epicenter for cocoa and coffee plantations, is also known for its alluring flora and unique fauna. Our day will include hot spots of the southern part of the island. This day tour includes a visit to Boca do Inferno, Roça São João dos Angolares, and Pico Cão Grande (the highest point of São Tomé Island).Boca do Inferno, Portuguese for "Hell's Mouth", is a major hit here on the island. It is a natural blowhole about a 30-minute drive south from the capital along the coast. This is one of many natural phenomena found in São Tomé. Hell's Mouth is a result of sea water that is built up and then forced up through the hole in the rock. The scene is quite a beautiful experience, and even more mind "blowing" because, again, this is a 100% natural occurrence. From Boca do Inferno; we will make our way to Roça São João dos Angolares. Our stop here will include some history and a tour of the now eco plantation. The house currently situated here is original and stunning. It has been completely restored to its original colonial-era look. The views around here do not fall short of spectacular either. You have the Bay of Santa Cruz on one side, and mountains on the other, covered in luscious, untouched, green forest. From one jaw dropping view to another, we will stop at Pico Cão Grande, Portuguese for "Great Dog Peak". Pico Cão Grande is the highest point of São Tomé Island. It is a famous view in São Tomé as it stands over 1000 feet taller than its surrounding terrain, and 2,175 feet above sea level. The needle looking landmark is created from the hardened magma of the volcano that once surrounded it. Unfortunately today, we do not have time to climb it, however, it has been done a few times. Not an easy trek to say the least!End of tour, you will be dropped back off to your hotel in São Tomé.

$289.99 Day Trips & Excursions

São Tomé Northern Island Full-Day Tour

Your driver/guide will pick you up in São Tomé between 9am and 10am. Begin your tour at Roca Agostinho Neto, a coffee farm that was once the biggest plantation of its time. The road leading here is stunningly scenic as are the views approaching the pastel pink building. The plantation's sheer size is something especially amazing. You will find plenty of life, as there are a number of locals who live here and are as excited to see you, as you are to see them.Next, stop at Roca Monte Forte, a spot near the beach and a local fisherman's village. Roca Monte Forte is a working plantation in the dry zone of western São Tomé. Next, visit The Blue Lagoon, possibly the most famous site on the island. Here you are surrounded by unique trees, flora, and crystal-clear blue water that you are likely to have all to yourself. Of course, your day tour is not complete without a visit to a cacao plantation. Cacao was once a giant industry for the small nation of São Tomé and Principe. Although the industry has been neglected recently, there are major efforts happening to regenerate the land and boost its production. A large majority of the land is now designated and used to cultivate cacao. Today, you are able to appreciate the process and enjoy learning about one of, if not the most important crop in, São Tomé.Your last destination is Discoveries Landmark, another spot that is rarely visited. Here you will spend some time and appreciate the scenery. Once your tour is complete, you will be dropped off at your hotel anywhere in São Tomé.

$289.99 Day Trips & Excursions

São Tomé Day Tour - Roça Monte Café - São Nicolau Waterfalls - São Tomé City Center

Until recently the countries primary source of revenues was in fact agriculture, with cocoa as its main export. The small nation continues to rebuild their economy and is slowly becoming more and more popular amongst tourists. Visiting Africa’s second smallest country, you’re able to experience a spot that is still very raw and real. São Tomé is not perfectly laid out for tourists, so you’re time here is unique and quite local. The country is amazingly safe and always offers a warm welcome.The interior of the country also includes beautiful landscapes and is as equally packed with culture and history as the rest of the island. Our tour today will focus around the center of the capital. We will stop off at Roça Monte Café, São Nicolau Waterfalls, and explore São Tomé City Center.Roça Monte Café is one of the oldest plantations in São Tomé, located right in the center of the Island. This specific location once boasted a favorable terrain for cultivating Arabica coffee. Because of this, it also once held the title as one of the largest coffee producers in the nation.São Nicolau Waterfalls, as the name suggests our next adventure will bring us to waterfalls. The falls are located in the middle of the forest off a dirt road. Due to the fact they are perfectly situated amongst one of the islands picturesque forests packed with gorgeous fauna, this makes for a great, accessible escape out of the city to absorb some nature. There are in fact plenty of waterfalls across the Island, these falls, in particular, make you feel very in touch with nature and you’re sure to leave in awe. We will end our day together back in the city center. São Tomé City is the nation’s largest settlement. Founded by the Portuguese, the city is a beautiful example of Portuguese colonial-era architecture. Our tour might include a visit to the Cathedral, the National Museum, and more. The city has a wonderful charm to it and feels very warm as you walk surrounded by pastel colored buildings.End of your - guests will be dropped off at their hotel in São Tomé

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South Rote Sao Tome_ A trip not to forget

Activity description- Departure at 08:00 am from the Capital - São Tomé;- Passage through the City of Santana, capital of the District of Cantagalo;- Stop for a visit to Roça Agua Izé and to the Geological Heritage - Boca-de-Inferno;- Visit the beaches Seven Waves and Micondo;- Stop to visit Roça São João dos Angolares and pass through the City of Angolares;- Observation of the forest and volcanic landscapes along the road, such as the Pico Cão-Grande and Palmeiras de Azeite Palma plantations of Emolve - Agripalma;RecomendationsWear light and comfortable clothing. A good idea is to bring sunscreen, clothes and beach towels to soak in the Piscina Beach and money for extra expenses.


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