Papase’ea Sliding Rocks

Top choice in 'Upolu

Kids and adults have a brilliant time skimming down these natural slides – actually small waterfalls – into blessedly cool waterholes; you'll hear happy hoots even before you make your way down the long, precarious stairway to the pools. The longest slide is 5m long; there are a couple of smaller ones at the bottom of the stairs. During the dry season, check that the water is deep enough for sliding; if not, it's still a top spot for a dip.

The site is 6km from central Apia, well-signposted from the road past the Mormon Temple. Take the Se’ese’e bus (ST2.80) from Maketi Fou and ask to be dropped at the turn-off for Papase’ea. A return taxi trip is about ST25.

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