It’s a shame that dingy industrial surroundings discourage most people from visiting Yaroslavl’s largest and most unique church – you may recognise it from the 1000-rouble currency note. Protected by Unesco, the red-brick structure (built 1671–87) boasts a staggering 15 green-coloured cupolas and some of the most extensive series of frescoes in the Orthodox world. It's located on the southern bank of the Kotorosl, by the second bridge.

The church is a 3km (10-minute) car or taxi ride from the centre. By public transport from Bogoyavlenskaya pl, take a southbound marshrutka (fixed-route minibus) 87 or bus 19k for four stops, disembarking at the ul Karabulina stop. Walk back towards the bridge and turn left at the corner; walk north towards the river and then west to the church (about 500m).

Note that the church is closed on rainy days to protect the frescoes from moisture.