Peter & Paul Church

Western European Russia

With obvious Byzantine influences, this red-brick 12th-century chapel (1146) is the oldest in the city and a local icon.

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1. Assumption Cathedral

0.79 MILES

Dominating the skyline is this huge green-and-white working cathedral topped by five silver domes. A church has stood here since 1101; this one was built…

2. Spartak Stadium


The Korolevsky Bastion overlooks the Spartak Stadium, which is just outside the fortress walls.

4. Korolevsky Bastion

0.85 MILES

By the western fortress walls, this high earth rampart was built by the Poles who captured Smolensk in 1611.

5. Fortress Walls & Around


Making a circuit of the restored city walls, long sections of which boast fine towers reminiscent of the Moscow Kremlin, is a pleasant way to pass a warm…

6. Trinity Monastery


Much restoration work has been done on this charming, pink-walled convent, which also runs a small orphanage for girls. Donations are welcome.

7. Glinka Garden

0.99 MILES

At the east end of this shady garden with fountains, an 1885 statue of the composer Glinka is surrounded by a fence with excerpts from his opera A Life…

8. Dom Knigi


This bookshop only sells Russian-language titles, but if you don't read Russian it's still a worthwhile stop to admire the beautiful blue baroque building.