Kryusha Quarter


The Kryusha area of former Tatar and Persian suburbs south of the May 1st Canal is still predominantly Muslim, which is reflected in the proliferation of mosques. It's quaint in a rundown sort of way, best avoided in the evening, and a quarter where stray dogs roam along dirt roads. A nice walk to get a feel for the quarter follows Kazanskaya ul for about 2km, starting at ul Kirova and walking west to near the Tatar-Bazar.

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1. German Lutheran Church

0.17 MILES

The Kryusha Quarter is the location of the sprawling German Lutheran church and associated school and parsonage. The complex dates from the end of the…

2. St Hripsime Armenian Church


The Kryusha Quarter is the location of beautifully restored, red-brick St Hripsime Armenian Church, which opened its doors in 1998.

3. Red Mosque

0.22 MILES

This striking 'red' mosque dates from the 19th century and is notable primarily for the vertical minaret above the main entrance. It's sometimes referred…

4. Black Mosque

0.24 MILES

The Black Mosque was erected by Bukhara merchants in 1816 and destroyed by the Bolsheviks in 1939; it is currently being rebuilt from the remaining ruins.

5. White Mosque

0.39 MILES

The striking white mosque, with gleaming blue domes, looks straight out of the Mediterranean. The structure is the oldest mosque in the city and dates…

6. Local Studies Museum

0.47 MILES

The Local Studies Museum functions as both a natural history and ethnographic museum, with permanent exhibitions dedicated to local wildlife and fish as…

7. Assumption Cathedral

0.51 MILES

Dating from 1698–1720, the Assumption Cathedral dominates the kremlin grounds and is decorated inside with attractive frescoes.

8. Kremlin

0.52 MILES

The kremlin on top of Zayachy Hill is a peaceful green haven. Its walls and gate towers were built in the 16th century using bricks from the ruins of the…