Assumption Cathedral

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Dating from 1698–1720, the Assumption Cathedral dominates the kremlin grounds and is decorated inside with attractive frescoes.

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1. Kremlin

0.05 MILES

The kremlin on top of Zayachy Hill is a peaceful green haven. Its walls and gate towers were built in the 16th century using bricks from the ruins of the…

2. Trinity Cathedral

0.09 MILES

The smaller of two cathedrals within the kremlin compound. It was closed for long-term restoration at the time of research.

3. Artillery Yard

0.12 MILES

The artillery yard and museum has an interesting collection of historic weapons and a mock izba (Russian cottage).

4. Guardhouse

0.13 MILES

Located inside the guardhouse from 1807, this museum gives quite a good insight into the everyday life of soldiers in 19th-century Astrakhan.

5. Torture Tower

0.15 MILES

Tells the story of physical torture from the 16th to the 18th centuries.

6. Red Gates

0.26 MILES

Covers the history of Astrakhan as a southern outpost of the Russian Empire from the 16th to the 19th centuries.

7. Red Mosque

0.38 MILES

This striking 'red' mosque dates from the 19th century and is notable primarily for the vertical minaret above the main entrance. It's sometimes referred…

8. Local Studies Museum

0.43 MILES

The Local Studies Museum functions as both a natural history and ethnographic museum, with permanent exhibitions dedicated to local wildlife and fish as…