Church of St Simeon

Veliky Novgorod

This tiny church in the former Zverin Monastery grounds has colourful frescoes that form a religious calendar.

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1. Novgorod Regional Folk Arts Centre

0.01 MILES

You can participate in two-hour workshops (in Russian only) on producing Russian crafts at this arts centre on the grounds of the former 15th-century…

2. Cathedral of the Nativity of Our Lady

0.51 MILES

Legend has it that St Anthony took just three days to sail down Europe’s rivers from Italy to Novgorod on a rock in 1106. You can view the supposed…

3. Chamber of Facets

0.87 MILES

Part of a palace built in 1433, this Gothic chamber once housed Novgorod's Supreme Court and was the scene of many ceremonies and soirées, not all of them…

4. Cathedral of St Sophia


This is the oldest church in Russia (finished in 1050) and one of the country's oldest stone buildings. It's the kremlin's focal point and you couldn't…

5. Belfry

0.96 MILES

The belfry, with its enormous steel bells, has a small bell museum and an observation platform providing good photo opps of the Cathedral of St Sophia on…

6. Hall of Military Glory

0.97 MILES

Novgorod boasts status as a City of Military Glory and has the museum to prove it. Wax statues and bas-reliefs tell the stories of the city's heroism from…

7. Millennium of Russia Monument

0.97 MILES

This gargantuan 16m-high, 100-tonne sculpture was unveiled in 1862 on the 1000th anniversary of the Varangian Prince Rurik’s arrival, a moment heralded as…

8. Veliky Novgorod Kremlin

0.97 MILES

On the west bank of the Volkhov River, and surrounded by a pleasant wooded park, the kremlin is one of Russia’s oldest. Originally called the Detinets …