Veliky Novgorod

Vitoslavlitsy is an evocative open-air museum of 22 beautiful wooden peasant houses and churches, some dating back to the 16th century, and the highlight being the soaring Church of the Nativity of Our Lady (1531). What makes these buildings all the more remarkable is that they were all constructed without nails. There's a cafe on the grounds, plus a good souvenir shop and craft sellers.

Opposite Vitoslavlitsy is the rustic, charming Yurevskoe Podvore. The hotel's attached restaurant prepares traditional Russian food (meals R600 to R1000).

Buses 7 and 7A (R22) run here from opposite the Novgorod tourist office. The bus route goes in a loop; it first stops at St George's Monastery and then outside the museum, 600m further on, before returning to town.

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Nearby Veliky Novgorod attractions

1. St George’s Monastery

0.49 MILES

Set amid peaceful marsh and lakelands a 15-minute bus ride south of the Veliky Novgorod town centre, the picturesque St George’s Monastery makes for a…

2. Cathedral of Our Lady of the Sign

1.98 MILES

While the outside of this 17th-century Moscow-style complex has seen better days, the interior is festooned with frescoes painted by masters from Kostroma…

4. Yaroslav's Court

1.98 MILES

Across a footbridge from the kremlin are the photogenic remnants of an 18th-century market arcade. Beyond that is the market gatehouse, an array of…

5. Kokui Tower

1.99 MILES

The 41m-tall Kokui Tower was built in the 18th century, and a climb up its narrow stairs provides panoramic views across the kremlin complex and the city…

6. St Nicholas Cathedral


The 12th-century Kyiv-style St Nicholas Cathedral is all that remains of the early palace complex of the Novgorod princes, from which Yaroslav’s Court…

7. Centre of Musical Antiquities

2.07 MILES

This small but lovingly maintained museum houses a wonderful collection of traditional folk-music instruments specific to Novgorod and around, including…

8. Novgorod State United Museum


Within the kremlin walls is this must-see museum that houses three strikingly comprehensive exhibitions covering the history of Veliky Novgorod, Russian…