Three Graces Pavilion

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Late 18th-century sculpture purchased by Alexander I and given as a present to his mother Maria Fyodorovna.

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1. Private Garden

0.01 MILES

A formal garden restricted to members of the royal family. When the flowers are in bloom, it's a stunning sight.

2. Pavlovsk Great Palace

0.07 MILES

One of the most tragic and mysterious characters in the Romanov royal family, emperor Paul I was intensely disliked by his own courtiers, who eventually…

3. Rose Pavilion

0.62 MILES

Russian architect Andrei Voronykhin (who rose from serfdom to become one of Petersburg's master architects), designed this simple but elegant pavilion. It…

4. Pavlovsk Park


You'll have to pay to enter the serene Pavlovsk Great Park just to access the palace, so it’s worth exploring while you're here. Filled with rivers and…

5. Chesme Column

2.72 MILES

This is a monument to the Russian victory in the Battle of Chesme in 1778.

6. Great Pond

2.72 MILES

This large ornamental 'pond' is more of a lake, and forms the centrepiece of the landscaped gardens at Tsarskoe Selo.

7. Grotto Pavilion

2.74 MILES

With a gorgeous location on the shore of the Great Pond, the Grotto Pavilion is sometimes used to host exhibits.

8. Turkish Bath

2.77 MILES

With its minaret and mosaic-covered interior this pavilion perched over the water was meant to resemble a mosque. The building closes during bad weather.