Chesme Column

Around St Petersburg

This is a monument to the Russian victory in the Battle of Chesme in 1778.

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1. Turkish Bath


With its minaret and mosaic-covered interior this pavilion perched over the water was meant to resemble a mosque. The building closes during bad weather.

2. Marble Bridge

0.16 MILES

A striking bridge made of Ural marbles that was built in 1774.

3. Great Pond

0.22 MILES

This large ornamental 'pond' is more of a lake, and forms the centrepiece of the landscaped gardens at Tsarskoe Selo.

4. Concert Hall

0.27 MILES

On an island in the middle of a large pond, this concert hall is used for various musical performances.

5. Grotto Pavilion

0.29 MILES

With a gorgeous location on the shore of the Great Pond, the Grotto Pavilion is sometimes used to host exhibits.

6. Cameron Gallery


A two-storey pavilion that houses temporary exhibitions on the ground floor. The upper-storey contains a long colonnade perfect for strolling and taking…

7. Catherine Park

0.39 MILES

Around the Catherine Palace extends the lovely Catherine Park. The main entrance is on Sadovaya ul, next to the Palace Chapel. The park extends around the…

8. Chinese Pavilion

0.41 MILES

Also known as the Chinese Village, this assembly of buildings was commissioned by Catherine the Great during the craze for Chinoiserie in the late 18th…