St Andrew's Cathedral

St Petersburg

Completed in 1786, this Baroque-style cathedral is a handsome feature of Vasilyevsky Island's skyline. The interior decoration is restrained compared to similar Russian Orthodox cathedrals.

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1. Pharmacy Museum of Dr Pel

0.08 MILES

This late-19th-century pharmacy still houses a medical clinic; it has a beautifully preserved facade as well as the original pharmacy interior on the…

2. Novy Museum

0.25 MILES

This compact contemporary art museum, with galleries on the 3rd and 4th floors, is worth visiting to see all kinds of visual art forms created by a group…

3. Russian Academy of Fine Arts Museum

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Art lovers should not bypass the museum of this time-tested institution, which contains work by academy students and faculty dating back to its foundation…

4. Menshikov Palace

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The first stone building in the city, the Menshikov Palace was built to the grandiose tastes of Prince Alexander Menshikov, Peter the Great’s closest…

5. Temple of the Assumption


This stunning 1895 neo-Byzantine church was built by architect Vasily Kosyakov on the site of a former monastery. It was closed during the Soviet period,…

6. University Sculpture Garden

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In the midst of the university grounds is a whimsical collection of sculptures from different artists including monuments to figures as disparate as Ho…

7. Mendeleev Museum

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Call ahead to arrange a tour of this small but interesting museum inside St Petersburg University and dedicated to Dmitry Mendeleev, creator of the…

8. Rumyantsev Mansion

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History buffs should not miss this oft-overlooked but superb local museum. Part of the State Museum of the History of St Petersburg, the mansion contains…