National Library of Russia

St Petersburg

Russia's oldest and biggest public library was founded in 1795. It has some 31 million items, nearly a sixth of which are in foreign languages. Its main building on the north side of Ostovsky Sq is a handsome neo-classical construction.

Academic researchers only are allowed entry. Bring your passport, registration documents for the city and either copies of your higher-education certificates or proof of student status.

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1. Statue of Catherine the Great

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This enormous statue of Catherine the Great (1873) stands amid the chess, backgammon and mah-jong players who crowd the benches in Ostrovsky Sq. At the…

2. Karl Bulla Photography Studio

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Karl Bulla (1853–1929) was one of the city's most famous photographers and is immortalised in a life-sized statue on Malaya Sadovaya ul. Around the corner…

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Karl Bulla (1853–1929) was one of the city's most famous photographers and is immortalised in this life-sized statue. Around the corner, his rooftop…

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8. Anichkov Palace


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