Dvortsovy Most

St Petersburg

This major draw bridge, connecting Palace Sq to Vasilyevsky Island, was completed in 1916. The embankment near here is one of the most popular spots to watch the raising of the bridges (this one goes up and down twice during the night) as there is a live music accompaniment.

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1. Museum of Zoology

0.15 MILES

One of the biggest and best of its kind in the world, the Museum of Zoology was founded in 1832 and has some amazing exhibits, including a vast blue whale…

2. Treasure Gallery

0.15 MILES

For lovers of things that glitter and the applied arts, the Hermitage's Treasure Gallery should not be missed. Its two special collections, guarded behind…

4. Rostral Columns

0.17 MILES

The two Rostral Columns, archetypal St Petersburg landmarks, are studded with ships’ prows and four seated sculptures representing four of Russia’s great…

5. Winter Palace

0.17 MILES

This stunning mint-green, white and gold profusion of columns, windows and recesses, with its roof topped by rows of classical statues, was commissioned…

6. Kunstkamera

0.17 MILES

Also known as the Museum of Ethnology and Anthropology, this is the city’s first museum, founded in 1714 by Peter himself. It is famous largely for its…

7. Palace Square

0.21 MILES

This vast expanse is simply one of the most striking squares in the world, still redolent of imperial grandeur almost a century after the end of the…

8. Old Stock Exchange

0.23 MILES

Designed by French architect Jean-Francois Thomas de Thomon, the Greek revival–style Stock Exchange was completed in 1810. It ceased to serve its original…