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One of the world’s oldest geographical features (formed 25 to 30 million years ago), magnificent Lake Baikal (Озеро Байкал) is the highlight of Eastern Siberia for many. Summer travellers enjoy gob-smacking vistas across waters of the deepest blue to soaring mountain ranges on the opposite shore; rarer winter visitors marvel at its powder-white surface, frozen steel-hard and scored with ice roads. Whether they swim... Read More

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Transiberian Photo Expedition Russia Mongolia China Tour from Moscow

Day 1 - MoscowAfter the overnight flight to Moscow, the capital of the Russian Federation and our starting point for our Trans-Siberian photographic expedition, we will have the morning free. We will have a welcome lunch and orientation to the expedition. The city is full of unique architecture such as the Kremlin and Red Square, Stalin’s giant skyscrapers built during the economic “boom” of recent years, and the stunning metro system. The city is the center of political and economic power in Russia and visitors can feel the energy in the streets. There is always something going on in Moscow. Photo Theme: Free. Overnight in Moscow (L)Day 2 - MoscowAfter breakfast, we will depart for a traditional tour of the city. In the evening we will have an optional outing to photograph the beautiful square with its colorful lights. Photo Theme: architecture, people, everyday life, landscape. Overnight in Moscow (B) Days 3 - 7 - Trans-MongoliaFree morning. In the afternoon we will go to Yaroslavl train station, from which we depart to Ulaan Baatar. 4-7 days will be spent aboard the Trans-Mongolian Express. The route will be through Irkutsk and along the shores of Lake Baikal, and Eastern Siberia. Photo Theme: people, transportation, landscape. Overnight in bed train (B) Days 8 - 11 - Ulaan BaatarWe arrive on the morning of day 8 in Ulaan Baatar, the tranquil capital of Mongolia. The heart of Ulaan Baatar is Sukhbaatar Square. The next few days will be open to explore the region, with the Terelj National Park as an option. Photo Theme: architecture, people, transportation, landscape. Overnight in Ulaan Baatar (B)Days 12 - 13 - BeijingToday we leave for Beijing. We arrive the morning of the 13th day and after a few hours of rest and a tasty traditional Chinese lunch. In the Purple Bamboo Park, we can interact and photograph people who dance and sing in the park. We will also see the Temple of Heaven. Photo Theme: architecture, people, transportation, landscape. Overnight in Beijing (B) Day 14 - BeijingFree day for personal interests. Photo Theme: Free. Overnight in bed and train in Beijing (B) Day 15 - JinshanlingIn the early morning we will take a rickshaw tour to one of the best hutongs (village) of Beijing. Then we travel to the city of Jinshanling, which is part of the Great Wall. Photo Theme: people, daily life, architecture, markets, transport. Overnight in Jinshanling (B) Day 16 - BeijingWe will have the opportunity to photograph the sunrise over the Great Wall, followed by a break until late afternoon where we will photograph in the light of sunset. Shortly after, we return to Beijing where we will have our farewell dinner. Photo Theme: people, daily life, architecture, landscape. Overnight in Beijing (B,D) Day 17 - BeijingAfter breakfast, the photographic expedition will come to an end and you will be dropped off at your Beijing hotels. (B)

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Olkhon Island Car Tour for One Day from Irkutsk

Visit Huzhirsky museum and the most beautiful places of the island: a rock "Shamanka rock" Three Brothers "cape Khoboy". Take a dip in the warm Gulf and dinner local cuisine - ear of cisco, pregotovlennaya on fire.Olkhon, the largest island of the lake, is located in the middle of the lake, near the west coast. The island stretches along the shore of Lake Baikal, Olkhon length of 73 km (between capes and Khoboy Umysh-Tame), width up to 15 km. The island Olkhon about 700 square kilometers, coastline length of about 210 km. Part of Lake Baikal, concluded between the west coast of the lake and the island of Olkhon, it is a unique body of water with a special micro climate and is called the Small Sea, talking about exclusivity and a certain independence. South-western tip of Olkhon is separated from the coast of Lake Baikal Olkhon Gate Strait, having a reputation as the most treacherous places on Baikal.

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Trans-Mongolian Express

From the Great Wall of China to the Hermitage in St Petersburg, travel halfway around the world in three incredible weeks. Board one of the world’s great trains and ride the rails on this once-in-a-lifetime trip across the grassy steppes of Mongolia and through the taiga forests of Siberia. Share train carriages with locals, overnight in a Mongolian ger and in a cozy Russian guesthouse. Not only does this trip provide the perfect blend of comfortable accommodations and plenty of activities, but also free time to explore this fascinating region at your own pace.

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Trans-Mongolian Adventure

Epic doesn't begin to describe this railway journey from Russia to China. Beginning in Moscow, your trip on the legendary Trans-Siberian Railway will take you across the steppe to experience secluded Mongolia's colourful culture. Disembark and spend a night in a ger before continuing on to the palaces of Beijing. An experienced CEO will lead the way and take care of the details so you’re free to enjoy one of the world's greatest train rides. Whether on board or off, this will be 16 days to remember for the rest of your life.

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Epic Trans-Siberian Journey

Imagine trying to cover ground across Russia far west to far east – a crazy thought, huh? The solution: Get on the Trans-Siberian with us and watch this epic land glide by through the window of a comfortable train. After visiting the historic sights of Moscow, take the train through the Ural Mountains (and cross into Asia!) to Yekaterinburg, before heading to the heart of Siberia in Irkutsk and Lake Baikal. Learn about Buryat culture in Ulan Ude before heading to the coast in Vladivostok. The whole trip covers 9,300km (5,778 mi) and crosses seven time zones. Whether you go in the summer or winter, this trip is the definition of epic.