Sportivnaya Harbour


This charming harbour is a lovely place to wander along the seafront and is a popular place for locals on the warm summer nights. Its walkway extends some distance in both directions and includes several piers and small beaches.

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Nearby Vladivostok attractions

1. Vladivostok Fortress Museum

0.14 MILES

On the site of an old artillery battery overlooking Sportivnaya Harbour, this museum has cannons outside, a six-room indoor exhibit of photos and many,…

2. Arsenev Regional Museum

0.45 MILES

This recently redone museum dates from 1890 and offers three floors of galleries, although there's little in the way of English labelling. Exhibits delve…

3. Primorsky Picture Gallery

0.54 MILES

Vladivostok’s main art museum on Partizansky pr has long been under renovation and shows no sign of reopening any time soon. In the meantime, some of its…

4. Transfiguration Cathedral

0.73 MILES

Vladivostok was building a massive new cathedral on its central square at the time of writing, and it's set to be one of the city's most recognisable…

5. Hermitage Vladivostok

0.74 MILES

This gorgeous tsarist-era building in the centre of Vladivostok is the latest big cultural institution to open a Far Eastern campus. Once complete, the…

6. S-56 Submarine

0.95 MILES

Perched near the waterfront, the S-56 submarine is worth a look. The first half is a ho-hum exhibit of badges and photos of men with badges (all in…

7. Funicular

1.34 MILES

Vladivostok’s well-oiled funicular railway makes a fun 60-second ride up a 100m hill every few minutes (unless the old girl is experiencing one of her…

8. Zarya Centre for Contemporary Art

4.62 MILES

The full renovation and repurposing of a former clothing factory into a giant creative complex containing offices, studios, cafes and work spaces is one…