Church of St Barbara

Golden Ring

On a hillside with a commanding view of the Volga is this working church built in 1821 and restored to its former glory in the 1980s. Painter Isaac Levitan portrayed it in his masterwork Evening: Golden Plyos (1889), which hangs in the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow.

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1. Landscape Museum

0.05 MILES

The Plyos landscape has inspired many painters to capture it; many such works from the mid-19th to early-20th centuries hang in this museum, housed in a…

2. Levitan House Museum

0.17 MILES

Art by famed Russian painter Isaac Levitan is displayed in the riverside house where he and painters Alexey Stepanov and Sofia Kuvshinnikova lived for…

3. Torgovaya Ploschad

0.61 MILES

The oldest part of town is along the river, as evidenced by the ramparts of the old fort, which dates from 1410. Central Torgovaya pl (Market Sq) has long…

4. Church of the Resurrection

0.65 MILES

Dominating Torgovaya pl is this green-roofed neoclassical church with five golden domes, built in 1817 in honor of the 1812 victory over Napoleon. During…

5. Resurrection Hill

0.67 MILES

For a bird's-eye view over Plyos, head up the hill from Torgovaya pl to the wooden stairs on the right. Climb to the top (there's a handy resting bench…

6. Sumarokovskaya Elk Farm

19.17 MILES

Founded in 1963, this research farm breeds European elk (Alces alces; called 'moose' in North America) for their nutrient-dense milk, considered…