Dom na Naberezhnoy Museum


The big ‘House on the Embankment’ on Bolotny Island is a historic building, once home to many old Bolsheviks and Civil War heroes, as well as artists, writers and scientists. The small museum onsite recounts the life histories of its noteworthy residents, many of whom were eventually persecuted for their accomplishments. As such, the exhibit is sometimes called the Museum of Repression. Unfortunately, hours are sporadic and information is only in Russian.

The prominent Bolsheviks who proudly moved into the newly built Dom na Naberezhnoy in the 1920s were disappearing from their flats almost every night during Stalin's purges. The walls of the house are adorned with numerous plaques commemorating its famous residents. If the year of the death is 1937 or 1938, it most likely means that the person was executed during the most brutal wave of terror.

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