Garage Museum of Contemporary Art

Top choice museum in Zamoskvorechie

Image by Kira Tverskaya Lonely Planet

The brainchild of Moscow art fairy Darya Zhukova, Garage is one of the capital's hottest modern-art venues. In 2015, the museum moved to spectacular new digs in Gorky Park – a derelict Soviet-era building, renovated by the visionary Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas. It hosts exhibitions, lectures, films and interactive educational programs, featuring Russian and international artists. A good cafe and a bookstore are also on the premises.

As you enter, pay attention to the part-ruined Soviet-era wall mosaics, conserved in the manner of ancient mosaics. Lectures and film screenings regularly occur here and at Garage Screen open-air cinema, located across the square favoured by inline skaters. The museum's large bookstore is mostly dedicated to art.