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Focus is given to the map by glorious Baikal, the world’s deepest lake. Only Siberia could possess such a phenomenon with its crystal waters, mind-boggling stats and long list of outlandish endemic species. The lake presents a major obstacle to the Trans-Siberian Railway, which cradles Siberia in a string of intriguing cities such as architecturally grand Irkutsk, exotically Asian Ulan-Ude and youthful Krasnoyarsk.

But the trick to enjoying Eastern Siberia is in escaping the cities – hit the Great Baikal Trail, go hunting for Tuvan standing stones or seek out far-flung Buddhist temples in Buryatiya – the possibilities are endless, almost as endless as the immense sweep of geography they occupy.

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$105 Day Trips & Excursions

Tour to Circum-Baikal Railway

Program: 09:00 Departure from Irkutsk. We pick you up from any point you requested 11:00 Arrival in the starting point of trekking. From here we will start walking part of the tour. We will go downhill from the new line of the Transsiberian through the valley to Lake Baikal 13:00 Coming to the lake, village of Staraya Angasolka. Staraya Angasolka is a small station and few buildings, there are art galley and good eatery with tasty pancakes during summer! 13:15 Picnic (not included) and walking by the old Transsiberian line till the station of Kultuk.After the village we will follow the tracks, coming through three tunnels, several bridges and small stations (4 km). We will also see some leftovers of disassembled second line of Transsiberian. 16:00 Lunch at cafe (not included). Our guide/driver will wait for you at the Circum-Baikal Railway monument, which is built right on the railway. After the final shots of the lake we will drive to the top of the mountain, where we can have a lunch (not included) with a beautiful view of the lake. By the way, "kultuk" in turk language means "dead-end". 16:30 Departure from Kultuk 18:30 Arrival in Irkutsk. We arrive to Irkutsk and drop you off to where you need

$25 Day Trips & Excursions

8 most visited places in Vladivostok walking tour

The main tour is 3 hours walk. Follow along from beginning at city's oldest street Svetlanskaya to the end on Mt. Orlynaya with iconic panoramic view on Vladivostok.Each guest of Vladivostok should experience this route: fascinating, not long, but rich with impressions. Walk along the waterfront on any of the embankment sports in Vladivostok to feel the ocean breeze and pulse of the city. Inside this submarine you can literally touch the heroic past: the interior of the submarine’s central and bow compartments is preserved in its original form. A vantage point on the Eagle’s Nest hill offers a must-see view of the city. The tour includes a funicular ride.Funicular is charming little cable car is a tourists’ all-time favorite in Vladivostok.

$150 Day Trips & Excursions

Russian Island 1 Day Tour

The whole group of South Primorye Islands is just like the tropics. And they are all close to the mainland, which is very important. Russian Island is so close to Vladivostok, from the lighthouse on Nazimov Peninsula you could almost skip a stone all the way to Elena Island. Russky island sightseeing tour is the best way to discover this amazing place. Also it's a great opportunity to discover Vladivostok fortress. Tour starts from you hotel or cruise ship and Includes a visit to the Bridge on Russian island, promenade of FEFU, Voroshilovskaya and Novoselthevskaya batterys, aquarium. On request you can have a lunch in local seafood restaurant.

$60 Tours & Sightseeing

2.5-Hour Irkutsk City Walking Tour

Irkutsk is often called "Siberian Paris" in old books, and bloggers call it similar to Barcelona. Start your tour at noon from Moscow gates. Moscow gates, which are now reconstructed, used to be the historical point of city entrance of all travelers and merchants of the past. See the Monument to the founders of Irkutsk afterwards. Irkutsk was founded in 1661 by cossacks, built the first ostrog (wooden kremlin) here. This is the place of many inportant events for the city. Continue your walk to the Main Square. The main square of the city was built on the place of swamp, is surrounded by buildings of different times of the Old and New Histories. Next is the Old houses of Zhelyabov street. Vtorov mansion, Rogal House, museums and hotels, old and new buildings of Irkutsk. Flea market and city fire of 1879. After that you will see Karl Marx street, which is the main street of the city and used to be a part of ostrog wall, the border of the town.Next the tour will visit Kazan church. Called by some tourists Notre-Dam de Kazan, this church has very beautiful and impressive decoration. Walk to Old Town and see the protected Gryaznova street, saved part of the medieval wood and stone Irkutsk. See also the Raising of the Cross Church. This unique church combines elements of Orthodox Christianity and Buddhism. See a restored part of Old Town area, which was newly built several years ago and has many historical buildings before your tour ends.

$24.35 Transfers & Ground Transport

Private airport transfer of standard or business class in Yekaterinburg

If you are travelling with up to 3 people, you will be picked up in a car of chosen class and if you are travelling with up to 6 people we recommend to book a minivan. What we offer: Cars of standard to executive class; Meet at the airport near arrival gates; Assistance with luggage; Charge-free waiting if flight delayed; Charge-free kids’ booster seats. Please inform us if you need one in booking details; Non-smoking cars. It doesn't matter if you are travelling alone or with family, a private transfer is possible for all of these scenarios. The advantage is that only you and those in your party are in the vehicle.

$30 Day Trips & Excursions

Story about Nicholas II

Your route begins with a short excursion of the city, and you visit the aforementioned Church on Blood. It is built in place of the Ipatiev House where, in the basement, the Tsar family was killed. Then you with your guide go to the shut-down mine named Ganina Yama where the remains of Nikolai II and his family were found. There is an Orthodox monastery there. At the site, you can see 7 wooden churches build without nails. 10-11.30 am - visiting the Church on Blood with a bilingual guide 12 am - arrive at the monastery, feel the atmosphere of spirituality, look at "Ganina Yama" and walk around  2:00 pm - leave the monastery and have a 30 minute ride back to the city

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