Princely Court

Museum in Târgovişte

The Princely Court was built in the 14th century for Mircea cel Bătrân (Mircea the Old) and remained a formal residence for Wallachia’s princes, including Vlad Ţepeş, until the reign of Constantin Brâncoveanu (r 1688–1714). Much of the court lies in ruin, though the 27m-high Sunset Tower (Turnul Chindiei) – the symbol of the city – has a museum exhibition. Another highlight is the cathedral.

Just north of the Sunset Tower is a lovely park for strolling. Each of the Wallachian princes gets his own bust here, but the biggest prize is reserved for Vlad Ţepeş, who merits a big, suitably dramatic statue in the centre of the park – a great photo op.