Csiki Sör Brewery Tour

Székely Land

Learn the secrets of Miercurea Ciuc's beloved brew at this factory tour, 12km south of Miercurea Ciuc, through tastings and traditional Hungarian beer snacks. After a few sips, you too will be singing the praises of the Harghita Mountains' spring water and quality hops. Tours are according to demand, so book a few days ahead by phone or the website.

Several daily trains go south from Miercurea Ciuc to Sânsimion (4 lei, 15 minutes).

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Székely Land attractions

2. City Hall

7.43 MILES

Miercurea Ciuc's City Hall is a pretty sight, painted yellow and white with rose windows.

4. Mikó Castle

7.47 MILES

Miercurea Ciuc’s centrepiece, and the proud source of the Ciuc beer logo, is Mikó Castle. Today it houses the impressive Csíki Székely Múzeum, which hosts…

5. Hockey Statue

7.63 MILES

Metallic statue of hockey players mid-action, in front of the hockey rink.

6. Orthodox Church

8.27 MILES

The first stone was laid in 1939 for this Orthodox church, richly decorated with exterior and interior frescoes.

7. Lacul Ciucaş

8.35 MILES

From the modern church on the main road, Biserica Sfânta Maria, a cobbled path leads down to the lake. Wonderfully scenic thanks to a mountain backdrop…

8. Franciscan Monastery

8.38 MILES

Some 2km northeast of the centre in the Şumuleu district (Csíksomlyó in Hungarian) is a fine Franciscan monastery, built in 1442 by Iancu de Hunedoara …