Arad Fortress


Arad’s star-shaped fortress was built on the orders of the Habsburg empress Maria Theresa between 1763 and 1783. It stands on the site of an old fortress built in 1551 by the Turks. It housed a military base until recently and there are plans to open it up to the public as a museum complex.

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1. Palace of Culture

0.63 MILES

This Eclectic-style building from 1913 houses the Archaeology & History Museum as well as the Philharmonic Orchestra. At the time of research it was…

2. Archaeology & History Museum

0.64 MILES

Arad's modest history museum housed in the Palace of Culture is a good primer for anyone interested in the city's complex origins, including 150 years of…

3. Cenad Palace

0.72 MILES

This sumptuous neo-Renaissance building (1892) was designed by the Hungarian architect Miklós Ybl for the Arad-Cenad Railway Company.

4. Arad Town Hall

0.73 MILES

The U-shaped, neoclassical town hall is Arad’s most impressive building, with neoclassical and neo-Renaissance influences. The clock atop the 54m-high…

5. Aurel Vlaicu University

0.76 MILES

Public university founded in 1990 and named after Romanian engineer and aviation pioneer Aurel Vlaicu.

6. Unknown Soldier Monument

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This mammoth statue in the middle of the square dedicated to the Unknown Soldier remembers the struggle for Transylvania by German-Hungarian troops during…

7. Neolog Synagogue

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Arad's Neolog (Conservative) synagogue, built between 1827 and 1834, lies southwest of Piaţa Avram Iancu. It was closed to visitors at the time of…

8. Reconciliation Park

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This monument park, three blocks west of Piaţa Avram Iancu, contains two notable statues. In the centre, the Liberty Monument was erected in 1890 to…