Equestrian Statue of Mihai Viteazul


An arresting statue of the 16th-century Wallachian prince, considered one of Romania's national heroes.

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1. St Michael's Cathedral

0.03 MILES

Completed in 1291, this is Romania's most venerable Roman Catholic cathedral as well as the country's longest, at slightly over 89m. Royal tombs,…

2. Union Hall

0.05 MILES

Within this 1900-built hall, the union between Romania and Transylvania was signed and sealed on 1 December 1918. The National Union Museum is opposite.

3. Former Princely Palace

0.05 MILES

Once the residence of John Sigismund of Transylvania, this palace was built in several stages from the 16th century onwards. Mihai Viteazul stayed here…

4. Custozza Monument

0.06 MILES

Obelisk raised in 1906 to commemorate soldiers and officers of the 50th infantry regiment of Alba Iulia, who were killed while fighting in the Habsburg…

5. Muzeul Principia

0.08 MILES

Archaeologists unearthed the largest fort in Roman Dacia at this site, and you can admire the old walls and old hypocaust (heating system) within.

6. National Union Museum

0.08 MILES

Understand the background and impact of the 1918 signing of the union between Transylvania and Romania right where the historic event occurred, and browse…

7. Alba Carolina Citadel

0.14 MILES

Alba Carolina Citadel is the crowning attraction of Alba Iulia. Within this star-shaped citadel are museums, churches and the Unification Hall that sealed…

8. Coronation Cathedral

0.18 MILES

Enter this incense-perfumed Orthodox cathedral, built in 1921–22, and gaze upwards at the soaring ceiling, gold decorations and lavish icons. The…