This church is a landmark at the western end of town.

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1. Maison Folio

0.02 MILES

One of the loveliest of Hell-Bourg's Creole houses is this typical 19th-century bourgeois villa almost engulfed by its densely planted garden. You can…

3. Thermal Bath

0.21 MILES

Visitors can see the ruins of the old baths, which were in use until 1948. They are found in a ravine a 10-minute walk west of town (walk past Le Relais…

4. Town Hall

0.22 MILES

The town hall is at the entrance of town.

5. Îlet-à-Vidot


The landscape surrounding the hamlet of Îlet-à-Vidot, about 2km from Hell-Bourg, is little short of breathtaking. The iconic, flat-topped Piton d'Enchaing…

6. Bé Mahot

0.76 MILES

About 3.5km from Hell-Bourg, Bé Mahot is a cute hamlet that's well worth visiting. With its clunky, colourful Creole houses clinging on the hillside and…

7. Rivière du Mât


From Îlet-à-Vidot, the asphalted road continues for about 2km to a small parking lot. From here, a steep footpath leads in about 15 minutes to the Rivière…

8. Cascade du Voile de la Mariée

2.18 MILES

On the southern outskirts of Salazie, along the road to Hell-Bourg and just north of the turnoff to Grand Îlet, are these spectacular waterfalls on your…