Philippe Turpin's Studio


The sculptor, painter and printmaker Philippe Turpin, who etches on copper and then rolls the prints off the inky plates, has a studio that is open to the public. Turpin captures the wonder of Réunion in a fantastical, almost medieval way; his renditions of the Cirques resemble illustrations of fairy kingdoms.

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Nearby Réunion attractions

1. Church

0.07 MILES

At the north end of town, the Catholic church, with its eye-catching white façade and spire, is Cilaos' major landmark.

2. Maison de la Broderie

0.17 MILES

Entirely modernised in 2014, the Maison de la Broderie is home to an association of 30 or so local women dedicated to keeping Cilaos' embroidery tradition…

3. La Roche Merveilleuse

0.54 MILES

Head to the Marvellous Rock for an eagle-eye panorama of Cilaos. It's accessible on foot or by road. From Cilaos, take the road to Bras-Sec. The turnoff…

5. La Fenêtre

4.54 MILES

It would be a sin to visit Les Makes and not take the forest road that leads to this viewpoint, another 10km further uphill. The view over the entire…

6. Bé Mahot

5.07 MILES

About 3.5km from Hell-Bourg, Bé Mahot is a cute hamlet that's well worth visiting. With its clunky, colourful Creole houses clinging on the hillside and…

7. Thermal Bath

5.18 MILES

Visitors can see the ruins of the old baths, which were in use until 1948. They are found in a ravine a 10-minute walk west of town (walk past Le Relais…

8. Îlet-à-Vidot

5.31 MILES

The landscape surrounding the hamlet of Îlet-à-Vidot, about 2km from Hell-Bourg, is little short of breathtaking. The iconic, flat-topped Piton d'Enchaing…