Parque de las Palomas

Park in San Juan & Around

Image by Melissa Alvarado Sierra Lonely Planet

On the southern end of Calle del Cristo, Parque de las Palomas is in a tree-shaded cobblestone courtyard on the top of the city wall, with brilliant views of Bahía de San Juan and the crisscrossing water traffic that often includes Brobdingnagian cruise ships.

Paloma means ‘dove’ or ‘pigeon’ and it’s the latter you’ll encounter in the hundreds. With a lot more class than their often-scrabbling-about urban brethren, these pigeons fly in and out of dovecote-like holes in the wall and offer up a chorus of coos when at rest. Some folks come to the park just to feed them; small children come to chase them. Buy birdseed from a vendor by the gate.