Quatro Águas


You can walk 2km east along the river, past the fascinating, snowlike salt pans to Quatro Águas. The salt pans produce tip-top table salt and attract feeding birds in summer, including flamingos. It's the jumping-off point for ferries to Ilha de Tavira and has a couple of simple seafood restaurants.

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Nearby Tavira attractions

1. Arraial Ferreira Neto Museum

0.26 MILES

Quaint displays at this tiny tuna-fishing museum include a diorama of the complex tuna-netting system, mannequins in period dress, model boats and black…

2. Praia da Ilha de Tavira

0.78 MILES

This huge white-sand beach at the island's eastern end, opposite Tavira, has operators for water sports (such as windsurfing and kitesurfing), beach bars…

4. Praça da República


For centuries this town square on the riverfront served as a promenade and a marketplace, where slaves were traded along with fish and fruit. Today a…

5. Porta de Dom Manuel


Built in 1520 when Dom Manuel I made Tavira a city, this stone archway is one of the few surviving sections of the former city walls.

6. Núcleo Islâmico


Built around the remains of an Islamic-era structure, this small 21st-century museum exhibits impressive Islamic pieces discovered in various excavations…

7. Igreja da Misericórdia

1.22 MILES

Built between 1541 and 1551, this church is the Algarve's most important Renaissance monument, with a magnificent carved, arched doorway. Inside, the…

8. Ponte Romana

1.23 MILES

This seven-arched Roman Bridge that loops away from Praça da República may actually pre-date the Romans but is so named because it linked the Roman road…