Casa do Cante

Tucked down a narrow lane off Praça da República, this small cultural space is dedicated to the rich folksinging traditions that grew up in the countryside around Serpa. Enquire here about upcoming concerts. You can also find a few CDs for purchase and watch recorded concerts on video.

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1. Museu do Relógio

0.02 MILES

The Watch Museum houses an amazing collection of watches and clocks – shared with its sister museum in Évora, dating from a 1630 Edward East clock to the…

2. TradiSerpa

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Cheese lovers should make a pilgrimage to this small factory in the town centre, where if you’re lucky you might see the cheese producers in action. Call…

3. Museu Etnográfico

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No traditional rural trade is overlooked in this exquisite exploration of Alentejan life. Occupying the former town market (in use from 1887 to 1986), the…

4. Wheel Pump

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At the southern end of the aqueduct is a huge 17th-century wheel pump (aka noria), once used for pumping water to the nearby Palácio dos Condes de Ficalho.

5. Castelo

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Dating from the 14th century, this imposing castle affords long views from the battlements: flat plains, the aqueduct, town walls, rooftops and orange…

6. Aqueduto

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The impressive remains of an 11th-century aqueduct run along the western side of the town walls (follow Rua dos Arcos).

7. Palácio dos Condes de Ficalho

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Just inside the old walls in the upper part of town, this ageing mansion dates from the 16th century, and remains in sore need of restoration.

8. Museu Regional de Beja

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