Igreja Nossa Senhora Conceição

The Beiras

Resembling a strange, Disney-like vision of what a quaint village church should look like, Piódão's white church stands out like a beacon against the grey schist of the surrounding houses. It's believed to have been built on the site of a former chapel, though the current building, funded by locals, dates to the early 19th century.

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1. Núcleo Museológico de Piódão

0.02 MILES

This tiny museum above the turismo displays reconstructions of typical rooms in local homes, complete with tools, pottery and furniture. There are also…

3. Museu do Brinquedo

14.59 MILES

This museum, housed in a lovely converted mansion, traces the history of Portuguese toys, from the Victorian to the contemporary, providing an interesting…

4. Museu do Pão

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This popular museum, set in a huge complex with mill wheels, a restaurant and rustic buildings, celebrates the history of traditional bread making. The…

5. Museu de Lanifícios

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Covilhã used to be the centre of one of Europe’s biggest wool-producing regions, but stray outside the centre and you’ll see the town’s ghostly mills…

6. Igreja de Santa Maria

17.22 MILES

In the heart of Covilhã's gritty historic centre, the 16th-century Igreja de Santa Maria is a startling sight. Its facade is entirely clad in blue and…

7. Jardim Público

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Commanding fabulous views, the leafy Jardim Público, north of Praça do Município, is a popular local haunt and a pleasant spot for a sunset drink at the…

8. Ponte Pedonal Penedos Altos

17.44 MILES

This striking footbridge spans the valley east of the old town, connecting the centre with the town's outer suburbs. Zigzagging over the valley floor, the…